Recommended Reading

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NOLS Alaska Semester Series

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic 2016

Becoming a Hunter

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic 2018

Yakutat to Elfin Cove- Lost Coast South

Forgotten Luxuries

North Fork of the Chandalar-Bettles River Loop

Indian Summer

A Bison Hunt

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Ski Classic 2018

Growing Up in Alaska

Shadows of the Nunamuit

Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic 2021 (Scratch)

A Return to Wiseman: The Cabin

Chaos and Caribou

Visiting Old Skeletons: A Return to Wiseman Part 2

Safari in the Clearwater

Hunting for Food: A Primer Series

Our Summer Keeping Pigs

Flying in Alaska

Donna Lake

A Visit to Lake Clark

AMWC 2021 Strategy Review

In Praise of Dick Proenneke

Building a Home

Acquiring Wood