Podcast Interview:Advanced Retroadaptics

I was interviewed by my friend Tyler, for his podcast Advanced Retroadaptics. Check out the link below to listen or go to Spotify, Apple etc. Many thanks to Tyler for asking me to be on his podcast and for the fun conversation. I recommend checking out his blog for experiments in living and tales of a life of simplicity in the Mojave Desert.


“I caught up with Jack McClure while he had good reception on a two month road trip through Utah with his wife and 7 week old daughter. Jack moved to Alaska when he was 21, inspired by the diaries of Dick Proenneke and the strategic life-affirming philosophies of Your Money or Your Life and ERE. He built his own cabin, learned to hunt and dress game, grows his own food, got his pilots license, does adventure races in the Alaskan wilderness, and is growing his family. We talk about all this and more in our conversation.”


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